The Spin Cities Project

Building people-centric urban infrastructure in cities.


About The Project

The Spin Cities Project is an initiative by Spin to fund people-centric urban infrastructure, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people in cities. Spin contributes a portion of ride revenues to continually fund The Project, with the goal to create an accessible, equitable, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport.

Each city chapter of the Spin Cities Project will be led by an advisory board drawn from local public and private sector leaders.

Initiative #1: Bicycle Safety and infrastructure

The Projects first initiative will be focused on funding bicycle safety projects and infrastructure. 

Cities with robust bicycle infrastructure have a safer and more pervasive bike culture. Whether it's through bike corrals, protected bike lanes, or bike safety education, The Spin Cities Project looks to accelerate the economic and environmental benefits that biking brings to cities.

First Stop: Seattle

The Spin Cities Project's inaugural city is Seattle, where Spin has seeded $10,000 to start improving bicycle safety and infrastructure around The Emerald City.